The choice of materials used in our industrial plant are essential to obtain a mattress of higher quality. Based on this premise, it is also important to choose the best suppliers for our industry. Thus, taking advantage of our vast experience in this area, we have established a close connection with the best suppliers that provide quality, certified, long lasting, sustainable and innovative products, giving always priority to the best that is made in Portugal.

Since 2002, our production unit has also been certified being constantly evaluated and updated and is currently under the NP EN ISO 9001 regulation. Our production unit has been growing over time, being at the present time equipped with first class material and technological resources. At the same time we promote training among our employees.

All steps and decisions taken, aim to obtain a better quality product. Only by this way can we gain the trust and satisfaction of our client.

We rely on:

• Certified, lasting and sustainable products;
• A Certified line of production with the best material and technological resources.
 • Extensive experience in the production of Mattresses acquired with more than 30 years of existence.